Byron Bay Bluesfest

Easter in Byron Bay guarantees 4 things: chocolate, traffic, rain and the almighty Bluesfest. This year was no different. I was lucky enough to get the call up by Bluesfest HQ to do the aerial drone videography and photography.

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From up high it is jaw dropping how large the Bluesfest site is and just what an amazing accomplishment it is getting the whole thing together and running so smoothly. I had my drone working overtime when the sun was out shooting some great shots of Byron Bay’s signature festival.
Friday I got some great shots while the sun was out and the grass was green and still actually grass. The rain did come and the green turned to brown very quickly. Though as always it never dampened the mood of the Bluesfest revellers.
A BIG BIG thanks to Tao Jones, Nova, Justin @ Brown Dog Media and all the punters and volunteers that make the Bluesfest what it is…
See you all down there from up in the sky next year !!

Aerial photo Byron Bay Blues Fest Drone photography